Market Watch

"Market Watch" is a quarterly review of successful international farm outs giving an analysis of trends in the activity - who, when and where - plus a follow up looking at all the well results, assessing how successful the business has been (farm in finding cost(Capex) has averaged $3.1 per barrel but is rising).

This is backed up by JSI's deal screening service which provides the information on drilling costs and reserves size. Each farm out in the quarter is also succinctly summarised for rapid assimilation. (Click here for example).
Market watch gives companies the data necessary to :-

1. Predict the level of global activity 

If patterns can be recognised the likely future location of buyers or sellers markets can be seen 

2. Follow the pack or break the trend

Know where activity is concentrated and which areas are ignored

3. Understand who is in the market place whether buying or selling

Know who is succeeding in farming out and farming in and what drilling success has followed

See Market Analysis for current trends