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Who is Active

The activity by different groups changes quite markedly from year to year. Although the Juniors account for 55-60% of all the deals done activity by other groups shows how the industry is in a constant state of flux. Competitor analysis gives the best companies an edge.

What is sought

Contrary to the popular belief that companies are looking more and more at deep water prospects or gas plays, about half the deals done have been onshore and the majority of the deals completed this year have been for oil prospects. There is a slow but measurable increase in the number of Unconventional deals on the market


Deal timing is usually sensitive to oil price & has shown a remarkable correlation with the rises & falls over the last decade. The regional trends, however, are often at odds with the global pattern and more recently the trend has started to show a disconnect with oil price.


The majority of the activity is in Europe, West Africa and South America followed by Australasia and the Far East. The known oil areas of North Africa, Middle East and the Caspian region are those showing the least amount of exploration oriented deal making. About 75% of all farm outs are eventually drilled with an average success rate of 21%.