Deal Screening

For the Deal Screening service JSI analyses all publicly available deals that it has been able to locate by direct contact with oil companies, searching internet sites and conferences. It also handles those "set aside" opportunities, received by the clients who often have insufficient time to review everything thoroughly. This helps ensure that all the farm outs are reviewed equally and stored in a convenient electronic form.

Overall JSI has seen around 40% of the announced deals over the last 15 years

Each deal is summarised in a unique way, combining everything a manager needs to know about it onto one page for rapid decision making. On average c.20 new farm outs are being added to the database every month capturing the majority of the activity on the open market.

By regularly reviewing the data base JSI Services ensures that only currently available deals are kept on the active database. To date over 2500 deals have been analysed of which around 400 are considered still available(see map on the Home page). Added value is given by the tracking of all the "old" farm outs, analysing the farm out trends.

Deals from 130 countries have been reviewed (see link on the right)

JSI's service includes, as standard, a brief but independent commercial evaluation on each project screened involving:

  • Post tax economics run on the best prospect in each farm out providing an NPV at project sanction discounted at 10%. JSI has access to tax models on more than 80 countries and expert advice is available as required. 

  • Risk assessment including calculation of the EMV's (Expected Monetary Value) at varying commodity prices, chance of success and cost of failure. In addition a view is given on the time risk (risk of delay in production) and commercial risk (unforeseen costs of production/transportation/marketing